Student Editions


special conditions for students

[jcolumns] Features
STUDENT EDITIONS are full versions of our thermal simulation software and include all the features available in our standard commercial versions.
These versions are offered at a price accessible to students, so as to enable them to become familiar with the finite element thermal analysis with a view to future application in the workplace.

Who can buy
Student Editions are reserved for students of architecture, engineering, mathematics, physics or other technical classes only. EDUCATIONAL LICENSES are available for Teachers, Institutes and Laboratories, which cannot buy Student Editions.

The use of Student Editions is permitted only to the student who purchased the software, for the purpose of study, tutorials and university theses. It is not permitted to use these versions for educational purposes, research, consultancy and for any commercial use.

To purchase Student Edition the student is asked to supply Dartwin with a valid certificate attesting his regular registration to the university/school academic year.

[jtabs size=”xxsmall” theme=”blitzer”] Orders:: Available payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card/Paypal
Please contact our sale dept for instructions.

Use the Paypal buttons available under tab “Prices” in this page to buy with Credit Card/Paypal.
IMPORTANT: before proceeding with payment, please contact Dartwin and submit your certificate to be sure that you are eligible for the purchase of a Student Edition. Software will be activated only after we have received the required documentation.

[jtab/] Prices::

  • MOLD SIMULATOR– Student Edition
    € 150,00

  • BRICK SIMULATOR– Student Edition

  • FRAME SIMULATOR– Student Edition
    € 130,00

Maximum quantity : 1 license each software
Software will be activated with a software key, that will be emailed to the registered address, valid for the use on a single computer.
After activation, license can be transferred to another computer through an internet procedure.
Software will be activated only after we have received the required documentation.[jtab/]
Technical support is not included with STUDENT EDITIONS and can be purchased separately. [/jtabs]
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