Focused on thermal simulation

We believe that specialization is the key to success and we have chosen to be the specialists in fem thermal analisys.

That’s why we deal with finite elements thermal modelling and nothing else.
From us you can buy software and consultancy for the calculation and design of high-efficiency buildings.

We are an Italian company, founded in 2008 on a 25 years experience in thermal engineering and building components.

Dartwin is the sole worldwide distributor of FRAME SIMULATOR, MOLD SIMULATOR AND BRICK SIMULATOR, a suite of software for the fem thermal analysis of window frames, curtain walls, building constructions and components.

What makes our software special

Of course our Simulator programs are powerful and extremely accurate in calculation. But this is not all. What really makes the difference with other similar tools is the ease of use. There are no other programs so user-friendly in performing fem thermal analysis of windows, doors, building structures, bricks and other components . With our software you will spend less time, less energies and probably less money, with the need of less know-how than with other packages.

Simulator software help in implementing EN ISO norms, as they automatically integrate all the parameters and the calculation criteria written in the norms. They can therefore be used, with different aims and knowledge levels, both in the field of thermal engineering and in the design of components, structures and windows and doors systems.

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