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A child’s play

Frame Simulator PRO is a professional software for finite elements modelling (fem) of windows and doors. This software is so beautiful, easy and enjoyable that your child will want it too!

There is non need of special expertise to run Frame Simulator: have a look to the guided tour below and you will see how you can make a complete thermal analysis according to ISO 10077-2:2017 norm in only few minutes.

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Take an interactive tour!

Learn in only 7 minutes how to make a simulation. You will be guided through a complete Uf calculation for a window’s frame node and the PSI linear transmittance for a glazing spacer. At the end of the Tour download the project and open it with our free Frame Simulator Viewer.

START the interactive Tour

A universal tool

You can use Frame Simulator to calculate the Uf thermal transmittance of a frame, but also the Ug value of a glazing unit, the Up of a panel or the UCW transmittance of a curtain wall.

With Frame Composer module in a few minutes you will have the Uw transmittance of an entire fenestration system. Use Frame Simulator also to automatically calculate the linear transmittance PSI for spacers or for thermal bridges between panels and frames.

Shutter roller box

Fast and safe

Unlike other multifunctional thermal software, Frame Simulator was specifically designed for the calculation of thermal transmittance according to ISO 10077 norms. We deliberately avoided unnecessaries sophisticated features, which would make the program more complicated. This works to the advantage of immediacy and precision of use: Frame Simulator automatically adopts all the parameters and the calculation criteria specified by the norms and therefore it leaves the user less room for possibility of errors.


Frame Simulator performs simulations of heat transfer through sections with a two-dimensional numerical method compliant with ISO 10077-2:2017 (fem).
Frame Simulator makes use of several advanced algorithms to maximize precision and minimize calculation process.
Frame Simulator calculates also the dew point for the internal ambient and it shows the areas where there is likely to be surface condensation on the window.


Complex fenestrations and blinds

With FRAME COMPOSER module you can easily calculate the total thermal transmittance U of windows, doors, curtain walling and any other framed structures. The software works both in parametric mode, where you can define the four nodes’ (top, bottom, right and left) with the Uf values obtained with Frame Simulator and in freehand mode, where you’ll be able to draw any kind of structure or import it from a dxf file.
FRAME COMPOSER allows you to perform also the calculation of the additional resistance caused by shutters or curtains.




add more power to your Frame Simulator with optional plugins



Use this plugin to import your projects made with LBNL Therm in Frame Simulator. Add Frame analysis to your Therm projects without the need to redesign them.

ISO 15099


With this plugin you will be able to implement the ISO 15099 specifications for the calculation of cavities, the setting of boundary conditions and to compute glazing systems and filling mixtures.

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