software for calculating the overall thermal transmittance of windows, curtain walling, and composite structures.

Frame Composer quickly calculates the values of the overall thermal transmittance of windows and other building structures based on a CAD drawing or the nodes calculated with Frame Simulator.

Uw thermal transmittance calculation

  • rectangular, arched, trapezoidal, porthole, and special windows with any number of leaves
  • windows with small panes and decorative elements of any shape
  • tilt and turn windows with any number of sliding and fixed leaves
  • windows with roller shutter boxes
  • windows with external and internal shading systems
  • curtain walling systems

Ud thermal transmittance calculation

  • doors with sidelights, transoms
  • doors of any shape and material, with glazed and panel inserts
  • security doors with any reinforcement and composition

Ucw thermal transmittance calculation

  • curtain walling systems consisting of glass or opaque panels of any shape and material

U thermal transmittance calculation

  • precast concrete panels, solid or lightweight, including fixing elements
  • composite frame and panel structures or other types

Watch Frame Composer Video Tutorials

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TUTORIAL 1. Thermal transmittance calculation in parametric mode

TUTORIAL 2. Thermal transmittance calculation in freehand mode


FRAME COMPOSER is free for all Frame Simulator users. With Frame Simulator, the Frame Composer module is automatically installed on the same computer. Use the Frame Simulator activation key to activate Frame Composer as well.
If you are not a Frame Simulator user, you can still purchase FRAME COMPOSER separately.