Frame Composer 4

Software for the calculation of global thermal transmittance of windows (Uw), curtain wallings (Ucw) and other composite building structures. This module is already included in the purchase of Frame Simulator, but it can also be ordered separately here.

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Calculate U thermal transmittance

Frame Composer quickly calculates the values ​​of global thermal transmittance of window frames (Uw) and curtain wallings (Ucw) from the calculation results of Frame Simulator or from your CAD design.

Frame Composer module is already included in the purchase of Frame Simulator, but it can also be ordered separately here.

Frame Composer can calculate the thermal transmittance of structures of any shape, thanks to the possibility to import DXF files and to the editing tools in freehand.

FRAME COMPOSER can be used to calculate:

  • Uw and Ud transmittance of windows, doors, lift&slides as well as any complex fenestration system according to the EN 10077-1 </ li>
  • Ucw transmittance of curtain walling modules according to EN ISO 12631</ li>
  • U transmittance of precast concrete panels and other composite structures made of frame+panels, including connection elements, according to EN 6946</ li>
  • Uw and Ud corrected values for the presence of internal/esternal curtains</ li>
    </ Ul>

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