Changes and new features of version 6

Versione 6.0.0, 07/04/2022:

  • Interface response speed increased;
  • New program documentation accessible online;
  • New automatic update system;
  • New automated method for calculating the installation psi from dxf files;
  • New parametric models for window installation with Bridge Generator;
  • New automated method for calculating psi with the ground (method A and B ISO 10211) from dxf file;
  • New parametric models for earth retaining structures with Bridge Generator;
  • Calculation of partially ventilated cavities ISO 6946;
  • Calculation of the resistance of the ventilated air layers ISO 6946;
  • Detection of “floating” cavities inside other cavities;
  • Type of heat transmission for each single cavity;
  • Ability to import from another contour in the monthly modes;
  • Sampling analysis;
  • EN 10456 Materials Library;
  • Update to UNI 10351: 2021;
  • Calculation of double glazing based on the inclination – EN673;
  • Tool for rotation of vertices and lines;
  • Views can use project-relative positioning;
  • Views can be positioned and resized by means of a rectangle (Zoom);
  • Flow direction arrow in the viewport;
  • Rendering option to display maximum temperature points of the edges;
  • Visibility of minimum and maximum temperature points depending on the type of contour;
  • Advanced label display options;
  • Automatic font resizing for tables within labels;
  • Text wrapping in labels with user-defined size;
  • Possibility of arithmetic operations with tags;
  • Shortcuts for tags;
  • Transparency level in the rendering parameters;
  • Internal surface resistance type by default in general settings.
  • Ability to update all views with the same name as the selected one;
  • Ability to select the unit of measurement of the ruler tool;
  • Saving of graphical results also in image format;
  • Ability to print a frame around the reports;
  • Fully updated and improved print reports.
  • Campo searches for Edilclima materials;
  • Compatible with the new Edilclima screens;
  • Option in general and project settings by type of zoom when exporting to Edilclima;
  • Option in general and project settings by type of view when exporting to Edilclima;

Available only with the Dynamic version:

  • Method of analytical calculation of the thermal displacement;
  • Calculation of mold hours in graphical form.

Available only with the 3D version:

  • Ability to disable, not just hide, layers in the layered 3D generation;
  • Meshing more robust;
  • Insert project also from 3D files, by selecting the component;
  • Temperature analysis on 3D model section planes;
  • Component exchange button;
  • Improved condensation and mold display;
  • Ability to add volumes during import;
  • Generation of section elements with double click;
  • Option to center imported geometry;
  • The hidden geometries in the Outliner are also hidden in simulation;
  • Significantly increased import speed.

New video tutorials version 6

video tutorials available in the program’s online help:

Tutorials MOLD 3D

New Sample Files

Mold Simulator

  • Example 1: thermal T bridge
  • Example 2: Internal and external Ψ in a corner wall
  • Example 3: discontinuous wall
  • Example 4: window installation
  • Example 5: U-factors and Ψ calculation
  • Example 6: details on the ψ of the floor-to-ground thermal bridge
  • Example 7: ISO 13788 condensation of a floor in contact with the ground
  • Example 8: Separate contributions to ψ with U-factors

Frame Simulator

The following files can only be opened if you have a Frame Simulator license.

  • Example 1: Uf calculation;
  • Example 2: Ψ glass window;
  • Example 3: Ψ window given Uf file;

New parametric models of Bridge Generator

Thermal bridge for window installation

Floors and walls on ground