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Software for 2D/3D dynamic calculation of thermal bridges (ISO 13786 – validated ISO 10211) and mold & condensation risk assessment according ISO 13788

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Mold DYNAMIC can perform 2D/3D transient fem simulations with time-variable input parameters. You can assign to the boundaries time-based curves of temperature, humidity and heat flux (for example, the solar radiation on a wall or the heat flow in a radiant system). Curves can be created with the tools of the program or imported from tabular data, such as climate data files.
Mold DYNAMIC performs a series of finite element analysis of the structure using successive points on the curves of the boundary conditions and taking into account the results of previous simulations. In this way you can obtain the actual trend over time of the heat flow and temperature at each point of the structure.

Mold DYNAMIC automatically calculates all the dynamic characteristics of the complete structure according to EN ISO 13786 such as heat transfer matrix Z, phase shift, attenuation, heat capacity per unit area, admittance and dynamic thermal transmittance.

It is important to note that these values are detected on the actual structure under consideration and therefore it can be used also for complex building components, including thermal bridges, not only for packets of homogeneous layers as normally considered.

Please note that the dynamic thermal analysis (fem) made by Mold Dynamic does not take into account absorption or migration of the steam in materials. Mold Dynamic does not perform any evaluation of hygroscopic effects according with EN 15026.

LOCAL to be installed on single computers

Mold Dynamic has been developed according to the following norms:

  • EN ISO 13786 “Thermal performance of building components – Dynamic thermal characteristics – Calculation methos”.
  • EN ISO 10211 “Thermal bridges in building construction – Heat flows and surface temperatures – Detailed calculation”.
  • EN ISO 6946 “Building components and building elements – Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – Calculation method” For building structures the norm is EN ISO 10211.
  • EN ISO 13788 “Hygrothermal performance of building components and building elements”.

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