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Finite elements modeling (fem) software for thermal bridges calculation with condensation and mold assessment. With thermal bridges generator. ISO 10211 validated.

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is a 2D or 3D finite elements modeler (FEM) for the calculation of thermal bridges and condensation/mold analysis of walls, floors, roofs and other building structures.
It is a professional tool that you can learn in a couple of hours and use in your daily design and certification activity.

With Mold Simulator Pro you can:

  • perform fem analysis of any section loaded from a cad drawing (dxf)
  • calculate the inside and outside ψ (2D) and χ (3D) value of the linear and point transmittance for any thermal bridge
  • perform surface and interstitial condensation analysis according to ISO 13788 norm
  • assess risk of mold on internal surfaces according to ISO 13788 norm
  • calculate temperature and heat flow values at any point on the border and inside the section, for any boundary condition
  • display and print many different computation results with very attractive graphics: isotherms, heat flow, meshing triangulation, boundary conditions and many others
  • calculate the U thermal transmittance of inhomogeneous structures

LOCAL to be installed on single computers.

Mold Simulator has been developed according to the following norms:

  • EN ISO 6946 “Building components and building elements – Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – Calculation method” For building structures the norm is EN ISO 10211.
  • EN ISO 10211 “Thermal bridges in building construction – Heat flows and surface temperatures – Detailed calculation”.
  • EN ISO 13788 “Hygrothermal performance of building components and building elements”.