Subscription redemption V6

On this page you can buy Mold Simulator 6 by discounting the subscription rates already paid.

Perpetual License Redemption – versions 6
During the period of validity of a subscription and up to 10 days after its termination, it is possible to purchase the perpetual license of Mold Simulator 6, in the same variant of the subscription (eg: 2D, 3D, PRO, Dynamic etc.), discounting the amounts already paid for the installments and the € 28 activation fee.
In the purchase cost of the perpetual license, the following sums, relating to the last active subscription, will be deducted from the net price list, if actually paid:
– deduction of 90% of each consecutive installment already paid.
– deduction of the € 28 paid for the initial registration fee

The redemption amount also includes the cost of upgrading from version 5 to version 6, based on the number of installments paid in version 5.

IMPORTANT: any interruption in the payment of the periods causes the cancellation of the subscription and the related installments cannot be discounted in case of purchase of the perpetual license.

Redeem your subscription here.


  • 1 – set up the software you paid subscriptions for
  • 2 – set the duration of your subscription.
  • 3 – set the number of CONSECUTIVE periods (without interruptions) for which you have already paid the subscription

If during your subscription you have changed the duration of the renewals or the type of program or if your subscription is not included in the options please contact Dartwin.

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