Upgrade 5 → 6

Upgrade to version 6 and take full advantage of all the new features of your program.

HERE you can see the main news of Mold Simulator 6. HERE you can see the main news of Frame Simulator 6.

How to purchase the upgrade:
1. Choose the name of the license you own in the “UPGRADE FROM” field.
2. Choose the type of license you have (Local or Server)
3. Choose how you want to activate the new version 6
4. With the upgrade you will get 12 months of free updates, but you can choose to extend the period to 24 months

IMPORTANT – read here before updating

Before proceeding with the upgrade, carefully check the version you have among those listed in “Upgrade DA”. If you are unsure or if you can’t find the upgrade you want, contact us before placing your order.

If you own both Mold Simulator and Frame Simulator (packages called Building&Frames) you can decide whether to upgrade both or just one of the two software immediately. However, please note that upgrading the two programs separately will cost you more.

Activation of the new program *

choose how to activate the new version 6. For more information see the ACTIVATION METHODS tab below.

Updates & Upgrades *

choose how to keep the program updated over time. See also the Updates page below.

140,00610,00 +vat


When purchasing the software, you can choose between three different activation methods: with Software Key or with USB Key or with Web License.
To use the program simultaneously on multiple computers you need multiple licenses or multiple subscriptions.

Activation with SOFTWARE KEY

Standard activation method, included in the program price.
The program is activated by an alphanumeric activation key, valid for the computer on which it was initially installed.
The activation key is generated and sent within a few hours of payment, based on a code (Computer code) shown during installation, which the user must send us.
Once the license has been activated on a computer, it is always possible to transport it to another machine: by means of a procedure via the internet, it is possible to deactivate the license on the current computer and activate it on another computer.
For a possible reinstallation of the software on the same hardware, the initial procedure is repeated, by entering the same software activation key.
If, on the other hand, the hard disk has been reformatted or all or part of the hardware has been changed, we will provide a spare installation key upon request (this can only be done once).

Activation with USB HARDWARE KEY

Optional activation method – to be purchased separately.
If you choose this mode, the user will receive by registered mail or courier a USB key with all the licenses purchased (one of each type).
Activation instructions will be provided with a separate email, in order to use the programs on any computer (not simultaneously) simply by moving the key from one computer to another.

Activation with WEB LICENSE

Flexible access for smart working with an annual subscription.
Web License allows you to access your licenses anywhere and at any time by entering only your username and password.
This simplified access mode is particularly suitable for work teams that need to share the use of programs remotely.
Any member of the group can start the software by simply entering the username and password provided.
It is also possible to use the software simultaneously based on the number of simultaneities purchased. To use Web License you must already have a license in version 5 or higher.

Perpetual License Updates
12 months of free updates are provided with the purchase of a new perpetual license.
Upon expiry it will be possible to subscribe to an Updates subscription for another 12 months, thanks to which you will have access to any updates released during the period for your license. The fee for the Updates subscription varies according to the license held.
If after the first 12 months the Updates subscription is not subscribed, it will be possible to continue using the non-updated program and possibly purchase the upgrade to an updated version separately.
The Updates subscription will also grant access to additional confidential documentation.

Perpetual License Upgrades with subscription redemption
In case of purchase of a Perpetual License with redemption of a License subscription in version 6 or later, 12 months of free updates are provided starting from the subscription start date. Upon expiry it will be possible to subscribe to an Updates subscription for another 12 months.

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