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Complete package for the analysis of building structures, windows and curtain walling.
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With this package you can perform thermal analysis of any construction element, windows frames and building structures, in compliance with the relevant norms.

Thermal analysis of the window/wall installation joint

The installation joint of a frame is a border zone between two standards: EN ISO 10077-2 for window and EN 10211 for walls. The two norms provide different methods for the calculation of cavities and assignment of the surface resistances. Additionally, for a precise calculation of the linear transmittance Ψ of the thermal bridge between the frame and the building structure, it is necessary to know the actual Uf transmittance of the frame and Ug of glass.

With Building&Frames package you will be able to perform calculation of frames within Mold Simulator. When calculating a window/wall joint it will be therefore possible:

  • to calculate cavities in wall according to ISO 6946 and cavities in frame according to ISO 1077-2
  • to automatically apply an increased surface resistance on the internal frame border, as required by ISO 10077-2
  • to use the library and the calculation functions of the glazing to obtain accurate Ug values and surface temperatures on the glass/frame border


Analysis of thermal bridges and condensation in variable conditions
is a two-dimensional or three-dimensional finite element (fem) modeler, for the dynamic and stationary thermal calculation of building structures, thermal bridges and for the analysis of the risk of surface and interstitial condensation in a variable thermal regime of walls, floors, roofs and other building structures.

Mold DYNAMIC allows you to perform simulations with time-varying input parameters. You can assign curves of the trend over time of temperature, humidity and heat flow to the boundaries of the structure (for example, solar radiation on a wall or the heat flow in a radiant system). The curves can be created with the program tools or you can import them from table data, such as climate data files.

Mold DYNAMIC performs a series of finite element analyzes of the structure using successive points on the curves of the boundary conditions and taking into account the results of the previous simulation. In this way, the actual trend over time of the heat flow and temperature is simulated in every point of the structure. It is therefore possible to see, for example, the trend over time in a structure subject to mold or surface condensation as the temperature, humidity and solar radiation on the walls vary. Or you can evaluate the temperature trend on the surface of a wall or a radiant floor when fully operational and during the system’s on and off cycles. Or do the dynamic analysis of Glaser moment by moment and calculate the volume of the condensate and of the re-evaporation in any period of time.

Mold DYNAMIC also automatically carries out further finite element analyzes with periodic input data to calculate all the dynamic characteristics of the complete structure according to the UNI EN ISO 13786 standard such as: heat transfer matrix Z, phase shift, attenuation, area heat capacity, admittances, dynamic heat transmittance, etc. necessary for the summer calculation. It is important to emphasize that these values ​​are detected on the actual structure under examination and therefore also for complex building components including thermal bridges, not only for packages of homogeneous layers as is normally the case.

But that is not all! With Mold DYNAMIC you can also input the conductivity of a material related to temperature or the temperature variation profile along a boundary.

Mold Simulator was developed according to the following standards:

  • EN ISO 6946 “Building components and elements – Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – Calculation method”
  • EN ISO 10211 “Thermal bridges in buildings – Thermal fluxes and surface temperatures – detailed calculations”.
  • EN ISO 13788 “Hygrothermal performance of building components and elements. Internal surface temperature to avoid critical surface humidity and interstitial condensation”.
  • EN ISO 13786 “Thermal performance of building components – Dynamic thermal characteristics – Calculation methods”.


Frame Simulator PRO is a professional tool that allows you to perform complete thermal analysis of windows and curtain walling modules according to the ISO 10077-2:2017 and ISO15099:2003.
It really takes only few minutes to go from your cad drawing, that you can import in the program, to the modelling output. The thermal calculation process is performed in respect of the norm requirements and results are immediately interpretable, thanks to images and graphics of great realism.

In addition to obtaining the Uf thermal transmittance value and the PSI linear transmittance of the spacer, with Frame Simulator is possible to see the the heat flow at each point in the section and to identify the most critical areas requiring improvements.
The program also indicates the condensation risk on the internal frame surface.

With Frame Composer module, supplied with the program, you can calculate the thermal transmittance Uw for complete windows (frame + glazing), from a simple one-sash window to complex fenestrations with multiple sashes. You can even evaluate the contribution of thermal resistance given by curtains and shutters.

In this program are included two calculation modules:

  • Frame Simulator module – for the fem thermal analysis and evaluation of window frames (Uf, Ψ) and shutters (Ursb) according to ISO 10077-2:2017 or curtain walling (UTj, ΨTj) according to ISO 12631:2017
  • Frame Composer module – for the calculation of Uw and Ucw thermal transmittance and the additional resistance of internal and external screens

The program is validated according to ISO 10077-2:2017 (calculation of thermal transmittance – Numerical method for frames).


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Il programma risiede e funziona interamente sul tuo computer. Per le licenze in abbonamento è necessaria una connessione Internet attiva durante l’uso del programma.

Canone di abbonamento: l’importo dipende dal software e dalla durata dell’abbonamento.
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L’abbonamento viene terminato automaticamente in caso di mancato o ritardato pagamento di rinnovo oltre i 5 giorni.

Riscatto Licenza Perpetua
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Più precisamente, nell’acquisto della licenza perpetua verranno detratte dall’importo netto di listino le seguenti somme, relative all’ultimo abbonamento attivo, se effettivamente pagate:
– detrazione del 90% della quota di abbonamento di ciascuna rata consecutiva versata
– detrazione dei €28 pagati per la quota di iscrizione iniziale
Nota: qualsiasi interruzione nel pagamento dei periodi provoca l’annullamento dell’abbonamento.

Esempio di riscatto dopo 9 mesi di abbonamento a Mold PRO:
3 abbonamenti trimestrali pagati: 3 X €99 = €297+iva
costo netto di acquisto della licenza perpetua di Mold PRO con riscatto: €790-€28-€297*0,9=€494,7+iva

Importi esclusi
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– Importi per costi di attivazione (es: Licenza Web, chiave USB).
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