Building & Frames PRO 5 – subscription

from: 270,00 every 6 months and a 28,00 sign-up fee

SUBSCRIPTION LICENSE with optional redemption.
Complete package for the analysis of building structures, windows and courtain walling.
Software included in this bundle:

An active internet connection is required to work with software subscriptions. Please see below our Terms of Subscription and redemption.

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With this package you can perform thermal analysis of any construction element, windows frames and building structures, in compliance with the relevant norms.

Thermal analysis of the window/wall installation joint

The installation joint of a frame is a border zone between two standards: EN ISO 10077-2 for window and EN 10211 for walls. The two norms provide different methods for the calculation of cavities and assignment of the surface resistances. Additionally, for a precise calculation of the linear transmittance Ψ of the thermal bridge between the frame and the building structure, it is necessary to know the actual Uf transmittance of the frame and Ug of glass.

With Building&Frames package you will be able to perform calculation of frames within Mold Simulator. When calculating a window/wall joint it will be therefore possible:

  • to calculate cavities in wall according to ISO 6946 and cavities in frame according to ISO 1077-2
  • to automatically apply an increased surface resistance on the internal frame border, as required by ISO 10077-2
  • to use the library and the calculation functions of the glazing to obtain accurate Ug values and surface temperatures on the glass/frame border


is a 2D or 3D finite elements modeler (FEM) for the calculation of thermal bridges and condensation/mold analysis of walls, floors, roofs and other building structures.
It is a professional tool that you can learn in a couple of hours and use in your daily design and certification activity.

With Mold Simulator Pro you can:

  • perform fem analysis of any section loaded from a cad drawing (dxf)
  • calculate the inside and outside ψ (2D) and χ (3D) value of the linear and point transmittance for any thermal bridge
  • perform surface and interstitial condensation analysis according to ISO 13788 norm
  • assess risk of mold on internal surfaces according to ISO 13788 norm
  • calculate temperature and heat flow values at any point on the border and inside the section, for any boundary condition
  • display and print many different computation results with very attractive graphics: isotherms, heat flow, meshing triangulation, boundary conditions and many others
  • calculate the U thermal transmittance of inhomogeneous structures

LOCAL to be installed on single computers.

Mold Simulator has been developed according to the following norms:

  • EN ISO 6946 “Building components and building elements – Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance – Calculation method” For building structures the norm is EN ISO 10211.
  • EN ISO 10211 “Thermal bridges in building construction – Heat flows and surface temperatures – Detailed calculation”.
  • EN ISO 13788 “Hygrothermal performance of building components and building elements”.


Frame Simulator PRO is a professional tool that allows you to perform complete thermal analysis of windows and curtain walling modules according to the ISO 10077-2:2017 and ISO15099:2003.
It really takes only few minutes to go from your cad drawing, that you can import in the program, to the modelling output. The thermal calculation process is performed in respect of the norm requirements and results are immediately interpretable, thanks to images and graphics of great realism.

In addition to obtaining the Uf thermal transmittance value and the PSI linear transmittance of the spacer, with Frame Simulator is possible to see the the heat flow at each point in the section and to identify the most critical areas requiring improvements.
The program also indicates the condensation risk on the internal frame surface.

With Frame Composer module, supplied with the program, you can calculate the thermal transmittance Uw for complete windows (frame + glazing), from a simple one-sash window to complex fenestrations with multiple sashes. You can even evaluate the contribution of thermal resistance given by curtains and shutters.

In this program are included two calculation modules:

  • Frame Simulator module – for the fem thermal analysis and evaluation of window frames (Uf, Ψ) and shutters (Ursb) according to ISO 10077-2:2017 or curtain walling (UTj, ΨTj) according to ISO 12631:2017
  • Frame Composer module – for the calculation of Uw and Ucw thermal transmittance and the additional resistance of internal and external screens

The program is validated according to ISO 10077-2:2017 (calculation of thermal transmittance – Numerical method for frames).


Activation with software key for single computer or on a USB dongle sold separately.
The program resides and runs entirely on your computer. An internet connection is required to operate it, as the program checks online every now that activation is valid. Internet bandwidth is not an issue, because the data exchanged with our servers are only few bytes required for the verification of the presence of the activation key.


Subscription fee:  the amount depends on the software and subscription duration.
A one-time €28 sign-up fee is required for the initial activation and for any reactivation of an expired subscription.


Credit card / Paypal with automatic renewal for every subscription.
By Bank transfer for yearly subscriptions only.

The subscription amount is automatically debited at the beginning of each period (Advanced payment). If the user does not wish to continue the subscription, he must cancel it at any time before the automatic renewal. Once renewed, the installment cannot be reimbursed. Once canceled, the program can be used until the expiry of the paid period.
The subscription will be automatically terminated in the event of late payment renewal of more than 5 days.

Optional redemption
During the validity period of the subscription and until 10 days after its termination the user has the possibility to purchase the same software in the same version with a redemption.
In this case the following sums, actually paid during the subscription, will be deducted from the net Price List amount:
– deduction of €28 paid for the sign-up fee. In case of payment of multiple subscriptions one fee only will be deducted.
– deduction of 90% of each consecutive installment paid during the validity period of the last subscription.
Please note that any interruption in the payment of the periods causes the termination of the subscription.

Example of redemption after 9 months of Mold PRO subscription:
3 quarterly subscriptions paid: 3 X €99 = €297
cost of redemption of Mold PRO license after 9 months subscription: €790 – €28 – €297*0,9 = €494,7

Excluded Amounts
Following amounts will not be considered in case of redemption:
– Amounts paid for previous expired subscriptions (non-consecutive periods).
– Activation/reactivation fees after the first
– Amounts paid for plugins, support, or other reasons
– Special discounts, if not agreed before redemption
In any case the total deduction value is limited to the value of the subscribed software.

When ordering our software you can choose between two activation methods:


Option A:  activation with SOFTWARE KEY

(this is the standard activation mode, included in the software price)
You will receive via email an Activation Code that works only on the computer for which you provided an ID in the activation process.

Once the license is activated on a computer, you can always transfer it on another hardware. Using a procedure via internet, you can deactivate the license on the current machine and activate it on another computer.

To reinstall the software on the same hardware just repeat the initial procedure, inserting the same software activation key.

In the case the hard drive has been formatted or all or part of the hardware has changed, we will send you an emergency software activation key. This is possible only once and we therefore recommend to transfer the emergency key on a purchased USB dongle.

Option B: activation with USB DONGLE

This an optional activation mode: you shall buy USB dongle separately. Pick the dongle from the Catalog and add to the basket before checking out.

You can order the USB dongle also at later time: we will transfer your software key to the dongle before shipping.
Hardware Key USB Dartwin
If you choose this mode, you will receive a USB dongle that contains the activation keys for all the purchased licenses. Just enter the secret PIN code that will be emailed you separately and you can use the software on any computer simply by moving the dongle from one computer to another.

USB HARDWARE KEY with software already activated with a Software Key
Simulator Software start checking if a hardware key is available and if a valid licence code is in the kwy. If the USB key is not found or the license is not valid, program looks for a software activation key in the computer.
If a program was originally activated with a SOFTWARE key, it is necessary to deactivate the software key before using the HARDWARE key. This will be done through the transfer-license procedure, available in the help menu.
User can continue to operate with the software key until the USB key is delivered to him. When he receives the USB key he will contact Dartwin to obtain the PIN code for the hardware key.

Adding or editing the USB HARDWARE KEY
Any additions or updates of the license contained in the USB key will be carried out through a dedicated software. It is not necessary to return the key to Dartwin.

In case of problems with USB HARDWARE KEY
Our USB HARDWARE KEYS are of top quality and reported problems are extremely rare. In case you experience any problem with the key please contact Dartwin for the substitution. Return of the faulty key will be at Customer’s charge.

In case of loss of your USB HARDWARE KEY
We strongly recommend that you keep a carefully control of your USB Hardware Key. Your USB Hardware Key, together with its PIN, allows anyone to use your software in any computer. In case your Key is lost or it is stolen, you will loose also the software license associated with the Key and you will have to buy new software licenses.

How to order
Choose from the options shown above and click on “Add to cart”. If you have chosen the activation with a new USB key return to catalog and add a USB key to your order.
Proceed to checkout and fill in all the fields for billing purposes. If you are not already registered, please enter your user name and password. Login is required to download the installation files.

How to pay
You can choose to pay by anticipated bank transfer or by credit card/Paypal.
If you pay by Bank transfer
After you have entered your order you will receive an email confirmation with the details for the transfer. Software activation and shipment of the USB dongle is possible only after we have recorded your payment. If you want to speed up the process, please send us a copy of your payment order by mail.
If you pay by Credit Card / Paypal
To guarantee the highest security level, payment by Credit Card is entirely processed within Paypal. We do not know and therefore do not control in any way your credit card data.
In case of successful payment you will immediately receive confirmation of Order Completed and you can immediately proceed downloading the installation files. If you do not receive our confirmation, it means that the payment did not go through or your credit card was not accepted. Please try again, maybe with another card and if necessary contact us to see if we received the payment confirmation from PayPal (normally this ahppens immediately).

How to obtain your software
The software is delivered by download from this site. There is no provision on physical media. When payment is completed you will receive an email with the link to download the installation file.
If at the time of the order you were already registered as visitor on our website, please wait that your account is authorized for the download (from a few minutes to a few hours).
If you wish, you can also download the installation software from download page after login.

How to activate the program
You can choose between two modes of activation: with software key or with optional USB dongle.
If you choose to activate with software key
After installing and starting the program you will see a code of 8 characters: send it to us via email to get the activation code. We will send you an activation key as soon as we receive confirmation of payment.
If you choose to activate with USB dongle
You will receive the USB dongle by express courier: we will ship it as soon as we receive confirmation of your payment.

How to use the program
You will find operating instructions, tutorials and documentation within the program in the help menu.
If you ordered online assistance, please send us your request with some alternative dates and times. We will try to schedule the instruction in one of the dates that you require. We will contact you to give you confirmation and send you the link information.

Operating system
You are free to choose the version to install in your computer, Windows or Mac OSX. Please check available versions in software description.

Program and documentation are available in English and Italian. The choice of language is selectable within the program.